|minoritarian choreography|

[gif - 3D, 50 frames, 2016]

Minoritarian Choreography, 3D, 2016
Minoritarian Choreography, 3D, 2016

Minoritarian Choreography confronts the viewers with the dance of the other (la danse de l'autre). Building a wall from their bodies, the characters are uniformized in a hard to ignore mass. From the screen, the otherness gazes back.

*Minoritarian Choreography and Remnant were made on the NewHive platform for SPRLQDT Gallery's exhibition Everything is Present Online.

Displayed @
Open Patterns, ElectroPutere Gallery; Craiova, 2019; (without sound)
Everything is Present Online, through NewHive platform; SPRLQDT Gallery; Cluj-Napoca, 2016;