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[or how I deal with loops and limitations]

Gifs represent an important part of my work. This format taught me how to animate stillness, how to capture a mood and how to compress an idea in a few frames.

In Absentia thumbnail

In Absentia

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Minoritarian Choreography thumbnail

Minoritarian Choreography

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The-Less series

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All The Meaningless Embraces

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3 Female Portraits

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I'm a Victim of this Painting

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Movement of Common Shapes

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Basic Knowledge

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Karaoke Piece

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Latex Series

Most of the gifs were made for the NewHive platform, which provided tools to expand them into something more complex, by adding sound or text, by multiplying, overlapping and moving them on a webpage. For a beginner, like I was when I made my account in 2015, NewHive was the shortcut to access a network of international digital artists.
With constant open calls to spotlight the creators on the platform and with the technical easiness of drag-and-drop they offered, NewHive was a unique online hub. At least for me. At least for a while.

In my early stages I found a lot of support on this platform and enough boost to pursue my creative side. *[Through NewHive I was exhibited internationally for the first time + Without, Balance and Familiar (not included here) were selected as winners of their open calls.]
But gradually and without notice, the platform disappeared from the Internet, taking down all the content created. By me. By everyone.

As a digital artist I'm aware that my work won't age well, but no matter how prepared I thought I was, when the online disappearance happened, it still shocked me. It was difficult to acknowledge that something I've created no longer exists, because it depends on someone else's server.

This made me think more about Internet's infrastructure, the disposable status of users and whose online content is worth saving. [Would I still be called an artist if all my works would vanish from the Internet? If I have no proof left that I am one?]

Though on their home page they direct the artists to an archive, based on the profile links they had, I encountered an error message while trying to access mine --> NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.
Surprisingly, no one approached the NewHive case for a more in-depth analysis. Or at least I couldn't find anything online regarding the platform's downfall.

In 2018, I was inspired enough to try Rhizome's amazing tool, Conifer, and managed to archive the remaining of my NewHive account. There wasn't much left of it. The sound was already gone and the functional pages had missing elements.

While searching on my hard drives, I found some of the sounds I used on my NewHive pages (you can find them @: I'm a Victim of this Painting, Balance, Minoritarian Choreography and Remnant). With Conifer's embed option, which I discovered recently, I can now add here what I saved.

*All the meaningless embraces has its own page
**You have to wait a bit for the Conifer embeds to load

We Move Lightly, digital manipulation mix, gymnasts in Petri dish

Sadness (inspired by Jean Cocteau), digital manipulation mix, profile crying stars

(Id)entity Crisis, a midnight light collaboration with Vlad Anghel

Ways to let go, 3D landscape made after tutorials