[gif - 3D, 49 frames, 2016]

Echokinesis, 3D, 2016
Echokinesis, 3D, 2016

ech·o·kin·e·sis, echokinesia (ekō-ki-nēsis, -sē-ă)
[echo + Greek kínēsis, “motion, movement”]
The involuntary imitation of movements made by others

Movement of Common Shapes and Echokinesis were made during my learning-how-to-handle Cinema 4D period. Both were made after tutorials, with the basic idea of moving reflective shapes. They were displayed separately on the NewHive platform, together with the music I listened while making them.

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► the now dead-without a notice platform newhive, during a sleepless period in 2016; **[this link may or may not work]